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Links to legal and information sites (in Israel and worldwide)


Legal sites in Israel



The supreme court of Israel - The judicial authority


This site helps getting explanations in hebrew on the judicial authority and the different districts spread nationwide. It has also a system which allows the parties to search for information about cases, court protocols, decisions and judgemnts in the matters handled in the various cases.

It is the perfect information tool for finding forms, addresses and telephone numbers of courts throughout Israel.


Ministry of Justice Web Site




The Israeli Bar


The Israel Bar Association is an autonomous statutory entity in order to incorporate the lawyers in Israel and the site contains contact information with the Israeli Bar association and general information on the organization. - Legal Portal - an Israeli legal portal, dealing with Internet, Computer & IT law. Operated by Ravia & Co., an Israeli law firm specializing in these fields of law. Frequently updated. Offers both Hebrew and English versions


Legal sites worldwide




From due diligence to discovery to pre-suit analysis, trial research and through post-trial research, LexisNexis offers easy to use products for faster answers; better answers from the best legal materials; and a broader perspective from the largest collections of information.




The perfect tool for scouting a lawyer / attorney and for searching a judgment. Tremendously useful for attorneys searching for judgments outside of Israel.


Different Information Sites (in Israel)


Bank of Israel Site


This site has a lot to offer for those of you who want to invest in Israel. It delivers it all : Banks policies (including monetary policy, foreign policy), currency rates, exchange rates, organizational structure etc.


tThe postal services - The Israeli Postal Authority


Everything needed to know about the Israeli Postal system including pricing, checking for sent postal items, stamps, the postal bank etc.


גל קריכלי - משרד עורכי דין


Gal Kricheli - Law Offices


רחוב חיל החימוש 1, ראשל"צ


1 st. Hel Himush street, Rishon Le - Zion













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